Love & Other Games

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★★★★★ The perfect summer read! 

★★★★★ Just gorgeous!

★★★★★ The brilliant romance just keeps on coming!

Successful beauty business queen Emma Harvey is not quite as astute when it comes to relationships. Ghosted, following an epic one night stand with a notorious Irish rugby hooker, she vows no more players, concentrating instead on securing the perfect beachfront property for her new luxury spa.

Irish rugby hooker Eddie Harrington is the team joker. Except the tragic events of the past year weren’t funny at all. Determined to set things right, Eddie scours Dublin for the perfect beachfront property to ease his brother’s less than idyllic return from the State’s.

Crossed wires at a mutual friend’s Croatian wedding result in Emma and Eddie reluctantly agreeing to share the honeymoon suite for a week. Their exotic reunion results in a seductive game highlighting what they almost had and could potentially have again. Unless the two happen to want the same beachfront property more than they want each other.

Will Emma stick to her game plan and put business before pleasure?

Or will Eddie’s tactics win out?


★★★★★ Lyndsey Gallagher has done it again. This book is absolutely AMAZING! You are instantly pulled into the pages and won’t want to put it down.

★★★★★  Another brilliant read by the talented Lyndsey Gallagher. A really fun follow on from Love & Other Mushy Stuff. A real page-turner. The twists and turns in this book make it another exceptional read.

★★★★★  What’s not to love about this book? Gorgeous idyllic setting, a bit of forced proximity (oh no we have to share a room) and the blossoming relationship between Eddie & Emma. I loved this story and could not put it down.


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